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Dust Free Ceramic Tile Removal and Thinset Removal featuring the DustRam®

We are also the only service providers of the DustRam® System in the Phoenix Metro areas.  This is a premium service for removing tile, saltillo, stone, slate, concrete and wood flooring dust free.  We also provide the DustRam® System for floor preparation & flattening to a tolerance of 1/16" in 50 linear feet.  Please visit azhomefloors.com for more information on these amazing services!

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Dust Free Thinset Removal

So many times once ceramic tile has been removed, thinset removal is still required.  Why?  Because nearly all of today's thinset is latex modified.  The more recent the tile installation the more likely the installers would have used latex modified thinset.  Compounding this problem are companies' charging to remove tile only to leave the thinset behind, so this is not truly a complete tear out.  Homeowners are often so inexperienced as to what is required, they won't know the difference between a correct tear out and one that cut corners.

 We have been called numerous times to remove the thinset after the so called "tile removal" company collected their money and left the thinset on the concrete.  These sad homeowners find out soon after that until the thinset has been completely removed, wood, laminate, or other flooring cannot be properly installed.  These homeowners often end up paying double the cost because of their inexperience.  They trusted those companies to provide a complete and honest tear out.

This is where we come in!  Our video clearly demonstrate our process of thinset removal so there is no confusion.  We want everyone to know that our method is the least expensive in the long run and you will not end up paying double for a service that cut corners.  If getting other quotes, especially from bargain sources such as Craigslist you will not find anyone with this type of equipment offering tile removal or thinset removal.  Those super low quotes are not really a good value since you are left with a home so completely dusty, dirty and usually without exception the thinset still stuck to the floors.  "It really does cost less to do it right the first time."

 If you are already living in your home then making a wrong choice in thinset removal companies can cost you dearly.  The potential for dust should not be taken lightly.  Opening a door or windows won't work and within seconds your entire home can be filled with concrete dust that migrates everyplace.  Cleaning becomes a nightmare and any "good deal" that you may have gotten is overshadowed by the work and cost involved with the clean-up process.  So when considering having this service done in your home look at more than just the price.  Ask these companies' questions like:

  •     Will you be using a standard shop-vac such as those purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Target, etc.?
  •     Will you be using a air chisel, electric demolition hammer, or some other piece of equipment that involves striking the floor or thinset?
  •     Do you have grinders that lack proper dust control features?

If you get any "YES" answers you probably are in for a very bad experience.  You see, any standard type of shop-vac filter will clog in about 2 minutes pushing dust into the air.  Air chisels and other devices that strike the floor or thinset pulverize the thinset into dust that very quickly will fill a room.  Grinders without dust control features are the worst culprits at creating a dusty mess.

thinset-removal-PB-1250-industrial-vacuumWe have all the best equipment available to make sure none of this happens to your home or its' contents.  For air filtration and thinset removal dust we use the PB-1250 industrial vacuum.  This vacuum alone costs nearly $4000.00!  It takes on the dirtiest environments without ever clogging the filters. 

thinset-removal-edco-turbo-grinderThe patented filtration system is able to maintain lift and suction from start to finish.  Unlike today's standard "shop vac," which begins to lose suction once the filter becomes faced with debris (which is about 2 minutes of grinding), CDCLarue Pulse-Bac vacuums automatically and continually flushes dust and debris off the filter, preventing them from becoming faced with debris and clogging.  Pulse-Bac Technology works by flushing the filters clear every 15 seconds using only ambient air and vacuum, no blowers, compressors, shakers, or buttons to push.  This way there is absolutely no down time, which means the thinset removal process is completed quicker, and is less costly.


So how does this vacuum benefit you as a homeowner?

  •     Your home will stay much cleaner using our equipment, than with the typical equipment being used by competitors.  The more furnishings, pictures, drapes, shutters, windows, artwork, cabinets, etc. you have, the cleaner they stay.  Nearly all our competitors use inefficient grinders, and usually with no dust collection equipment.  They cost more because they aren't efficient, and they also leave a swath of dust that will fill every inch of your home.  This is a horrible experience no homeowner should ever to live through!

We also have this equipment in our arsenal of thinset removal equipment.  The is the Edco 10" Turbo Grinder  We use this in conjunction with the PB-1250 for thinset removal.  With this combination, we can remove thinset 20 times quicker than someone using an air chisel or demolition hammer, not to mention how clean this process turns out to be.  If you haven't already, please watch the video above to see a demonstration.

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