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Dust Free Ceramic Tile Removal and Thinset Removal featuring the DustRam®

We are also the only service providers of the DustRam® System in the Phoenix Metro areas.  This is a premium service for removing tile, saltillo, stone, slate, concrete and wood flooring dust free.  We also provide the DustRam® System for floor preparation & flattening to a tolerance of 1/16" in 50 linear feet.  Please visit azhomefloors.com for more information on these amazing services!

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Concrete Coating Removal

Why should you bother with concrete coating removal?  There are a lot of good reasons to do it, but one of the most important relates to flooring manufacturer's warranties.  I do not know of a single flooring or adhesive manufacturer who will warranty their product if it is installed over a concrete coating of any type.  Under the terms of a warranty, any type of foreign matter is considered a bond breaker – and that includes epoxies, sealers, curing agents, polishes, waxes, paint, or any other type concrete coating that may be on your sub floor.  Without proper concrete coating removal, it is only a matter of time before the installation fails.

After the installation fails, a manufacturer will always look for a reason to deny the claim.  Since sub floor preparation is something that most installers don’t bother with, flooring manufacturers rarely have to honor a warranty claim!

It’s simple:  if you are adhering new flooring to a concrete sub floor, you have to follow the installation guidelines or your installation won’t last.  If you take shortcuts, you are throwing your money away.  It is ultimately less expensive to follow the instructions than to have your new flooring installation fail.  Once it fails, it’s gone!  You have to tear out the flooring, prepare the concrete sub floor, buy new flooring materials, and pay for a new installation.

Concrete coating removal also allows cementious underlayments such as Levelquick and Ardex to adhere to the sub floor with most reliable bond possible. We never use a leveling compound before removing the top 1/64" from the concrete sub floor surface.  The freshly ground surface allows the leveler compound to penetrate into the pores of the concrete, thus assuring a strong bond.

Installation failures often occur because leveling compounds were installed over sealed or polished concrete sub floors.  Homes built here in the 1960s or before generally have a polished concrete slab. In addition, slabs have often been coated with wax and sealers that will prevent any type of adhesive from bonding.  If your concrete slab is red, brown, green or any color other than grey, then you have polished concrete.  Never install tile, solid or engineered wood or vinyl directly over polished concrete without grinding away the top layer.  Acids or other chemical solvents are completely ineffective for this, and their residue will contaminate the concrete, compounding your problem.

Concrete coating removal by concrete grinding is the only way to remove old concrete coatings, to assure a lasting enjoyment of your new flooring installation.  If you haven't already, please watch the concrete coating removal video above to see a demonstration.

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